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18-10-2018 - Memo rentrée - - Downloadnew
18-06-2018 - Memo distribution des carnets - - Downloadnew
09-06-2018 - Memo fin d'année scolaire - - Downloadnew
28-05-2018 - Directives aux élèves des classes terminales - - Downloadnew
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23-01-2018 - Memo inscription PS et MS 2018-2019 -

تستمر مدرسة سيدة اللويزة في تسجيل التلامذة الجدد في صفوف الروضة للعام الدراسي 2019-2018

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School's Principal

F. Ziad Antoun


Rector's letters:


School Principal
Profile, tasks, and responsabilities


          The school principal is a Marian religious assigned by the General Council of the Order for three renewable years.  He is guided by the values of the Maronite Lebanese culture, and the educational objectives already set up by the Maronite Marian Order in its Educational Project.  His job consists in translating these values and objectives into educative, administrative, and financial policies, and to implement them and constantly asses them. He heads the General Council of the school (all administrative staff and coordinators) as well as the Council of Directors, and the Council of Coordinators. He also presides at the meetings of the various committees and organisms of the school.


Principal as an authority of school administration:


  • On the academic level, the principal of NDL is required to:
    • Have a university degree or certificate in the educational field and/or human resources management;
    • Speak and writes good Arabic, French and English.
  • On the professional level, the principal of NDL is required to:
    • have sufficient experience in the educational, administrative, and human resources fields;
    • have sufficient knowledge of the Lebanese Francophone and Anglophone curricula,
    • know the Educational Project of OMM, and to have the will to implement it;
    • have sufficient knowledge of the Lebanese educational laws and regulations;
    • have sufficient knowledge and experience in conducting meetings, reaching consensus, and managing team work,
    • be have good communication and relational skills.
  • On the personal level the principal of NDL is required to
    • Be always available for his students, faculty and staff;
    • To listen and discuss relevant issues with concerned parties,
    • Be courageous, patient, determined, caring and above all loving,
    • Be able to combine vision, realism and sound methodologies;
    • Be able to harmonize between firmness and care, and be able to adjust to environmental changes and pressures.
    • Seek accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, and social justice in his work.
  • On the administrative level the principal of NDL is required to:
    • represent the school in its relation with the state, and various official educational, social, cultural, humanitarian, and entities; bridging the school with its environment with positive relationships;
    • observe and implements the regulations and instructions of the Lebanese Ministry of Education, of the General Secretariat of the Catholic Schools, and of the Pedagogical Bureau of the OMM;
    • represent the school in the Pedagogical Bureau of the Maronite Marian Order (OMM);
    • direct, monitor and evaluate the staff work following clear and precise criteria;
    • preside at the various liturgical, pedagogical, cultural and social ceremonies taking place at school;
    • orchestrate the various school activities into one harmonious calendar through continuous dialogue with students, faculty, and parents;
    • communicate his instructions to concerned parties, after consulting the concerned responsible in the school and outside it, in order to avoid confusion or contradiction in the school;
    • set up the annual school budge, and prioritize the needs of the school after consulting the financial director;
    • negotiate and sign job and different work contracts;
    • sign along with the financial director, paychecks, transfers, and financial operations;
    • take the final decision in what concerns the admission as well as suspension of students according to the related articles of the School Internal Regulations;
  • On the educative level the principal of NDL is required to::
    • Implement the OMM Educational Project and help all academic and administrative people at the school to understand and fully engage in it;
    • Make sure that the school conforms to the objectives of the national curricula, discussing this issue with the schools coordinators;
    • motivate the pedagogical staff, and lead them in planning, implementing and assessing different educational and pedagogical policies and projects,
    • objectively define needs according to an order of priorities surveyed by the educative team;
    • follow up the continuous training of the teachers with the collaboration of the coordinators and the Pedagogical Bureau of OMM;
    • call teachers to participate in the seminars and workshops proposed by the board of coordination or the Pedagogical Bureau;
    • Prepares the list of textbooks with the coordinators, and makes final decisions.